Flogen SIPS Conference, Cancun

Norman Lotter and Supporting Authors

Norman and Heather attended the 2017 presentation of the Flogen Sustainable Industry Processing Summit (SIPS) in Cancun, Mexico, during the week of 22-26 October.  The conference was attended by approximately 300 professionals representing science and engineering from many countries.

In the above photo, the co-chairs and presenting authors of Norman’s mineral processing conference are shown.  From left to right: Emile Scheepers (Vale), Dr. Andrew Menzies (U of Antofagasta), Prof. Kristian Waters (McGill U), John Starkey (Starkey and Associates), Shaun Graham ( Zeiss), Norman Lotter (Flowsheets Metallurgical Consulting Inc.), Chris Marion (McGill U), and Ravinder Multani (McGill U).  The co-chairs are to be thanked for arranging a well-co-ordinated series of papers in a consistent theme.  At the round table discussion, Norman led a theme of how we as practioners of modern Process Mineralogy could engage more of the mining and metallurgical industry in this practice.  There was general consensus that a limiting factor was the degree of awareness of this technical discipline as a business opportunity.

Norman was presented with the Fray International Award recognising his contributions to the mineral processing profession across his career.  Norman is shown in the following photos with his award.

Dr. Norman Lotter receiving his award from Dr. Florian Kongoli, Chairman – Flogen
Dr. Norman Lotter, President and Consulting Engineer, Flowsheets Metallurgical Consulting Inc., with the Fray Award

In our spare time, we enjoyed the Cancun weather.  Here is a photo of the beach.

View of the Cancun Beach

Dr. Florian Kongoli and his Flogen organising committee are to the thanked for arranging an excellent conference.  Click here to watch the interview with Florian.


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