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Quality.  Diligence.  Results.

Welcome to Flowsheets!  Please browse through our services offered internationally, view our client list, and contact us to discuss your project.  We specialise in the mineral processing of nickel, copper and PGM/PGE ores, as well as hypogene/supergene copper ore types, and have approximately 45 years of experience in these fields.

Best Practice Mineral Processing.

Flowsheet development for concentrator design and operations is now significantly more capable than before.  We firmly believe that powerful new flowsheet development tools have been developed and have become available in the last twenty years, and that these, together with new work methods and applications, make for much more advanced, effective flowsheet designs.  The essence of this change has been to integrate best practice sampling, quantitative and compositional mineralogy, flotation electrochemistry, and mineral processing as a hybrid practice.  We as firmly believe that the estimation of performance entitlement for an ore, which is one of the new products, presents an improvement opportunity to operating concentrators, leading to better asset performance.  That said, we insist on high-quality work at every stage of the process, thus “Quality.  Diligence.  Results.” is our motto.

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Improve the grade and recovery from your concentrator operations.  We specialise in advanced flowsheet development for mineral processing.  Flotation, as a technology, has seen considerable advancement and improvement over its lifetime of more than 100 years.    This leaves performance opportunity in existing concentrator operations to be pursued, and even larger opportunity in greenfield projects, which develop mineral resources.  Since the disciplines of sampling, mineralogy and mineral processing have merged into modern process mineralogy, the importance of sampling and mineralogy has been recognised and used in developing processing implications for the mineral processors to use in the flowsheet development activities. This enables the flowsheet development activities to do a much better job in quantifying performance entitlement – and in delivering it.   Ten great developments have led to advanced flowsheet development, which we will discuss on our website. They are built around best practice sampling methods of ores and minerals, high-confidence flotation testing, mixed collector formulation, plant surveys, training, and mineralogy.  These all develop a better pathway to attaining the performance entitlement of the ore mined and milled, and are backed by more than 45 years of experience in this profession at Flowsheets.  We have been recognised on two occasions for our contributions to this best practice – by the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum in 2010 with the Distinguished Lecturer Award; and by Flogen in 2017 with the Fray International Sustainability Award.

Norman Receiving his Distinguished Lecturer Award from Mike Allen, President of the CIM, Vancouver 2010
Norman Receiving his Fray International Sustainability Award from Dr. Florian Kongoli, Chairman, Flogen, Cancun 2017

Here are links to our ten tools for advanced flowsheet development: