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Norman O. Lotter, President of Flowsheets Inc., studied for his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the universities of Natal and Cape Town, and spent the early parts of his career in Central and South Africa working at base metal, gold and platinum mines in operations and technical support roles.  After ten years of operations management, he focussed on the technical support activities that add value to the operations.  This included becoming familiar with the sampling theories and methods of the late Pierre Gy, as well as developing and validating appropriate quality controls for batch flotation testing to improve the confidence limits of the data, which was the focus of his M.Sc. thesis.  In this role he worked as a core team member of a group in Rustenburg Platinum Mines to sample the Merensky and UG2 concentrator circuits in surveys, providing representative sample material for the mine’s QEMSCAN, as well as performing flotation tests at batch scale to support the mineralogical data.  The same team interpreted the results and formulated a number of successful flowsheet improvement recommendations to the operations.

He moved to Canada in 1997, where he started up a Process Mineralogy team at a Metallurgical Technology Centre in Sudbury.  This team consisted of sampling, mineralogy and mineral processing disciplines, and with cross-training developed an advanced methodology for flowsheet development for both operating concentrators and new mine projects. He studied for his doctorate at McGill University, focussing on plant surveying as the topic, and was awarded his Ph.D. in 2006.   Norman was presented with the CIM Distinguished Lecturer award in 2010 in recognition of these contributions, and was designated as a Consulting Engineer by the Professional Engineers Ontario in 2014.  He serves as one of Barry Wills‘ reviewers for the journal Minerals Engineering.

Norman established Flowsheets Metallurgical Consulting Inc. in January 2016 as President and Consulting Engineer.  The business is based in Sudbury, Ontario, and is fully licenced by the Professional Engineers of Ontario for the offering and delivery of professional engineering services.  We focus on mineral processing, flowsheet development, sampling and training backed by 45 years of industrial experience, and in 2017 received the Fray International Sustainability Award in Mineral Processing.

We have entered our 7th year of business operations in 2022.  This reflects the solid support that we have received from our clients, for whom we are most grateful.

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