Copper Sulphide Flotation

In January 2016, Norman attended the national meeting of the Canadian Mineral Processors, and presented an update to his paper entitled


His co-authors were Prof. Dee Bradshaw, University of Cape Town, and Arthur Barnes,  XPS Consulting & Testwork Services, Sudbury.

The combination of semiconductor theory, electrochemistry and flotation delivers useful insight into why the different copper sulphides have different optimum flotation domains in terms of pulp potential and pH.    The paper was presented during the session entitled “Flotation Fundamentals”, co-chaired by Stéfanie Vo, Hatch, (left) and Colin Hardie, BBA (right).  Here is a photo of Norm with the session chairs.  The outcome of this paper is another example of the synergy that develops when different disciplines work together.   (Photo courtesy of the CMP)

Norm Lotter at CMP

CMP 2016

The paper was subsequently submitted to the Minerals Engineering journal, and was retitled

Classification of the Major Copper Sulphides into Semiconductor Types, and Associated Flotation Characteristics

and has been on line since May 2016.  Click this link to the final paper .

Norman would like to thank his co-authors for their contributions.


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