Dr. Norman Lotter with the engineering class at University of Utah

Get more value from your metallurgical team with focussed short training courses that enhance overall skills.  Ongoing training of the professional workforce in a company is strategic to sustaining appropriate service capability from a balanced and skilled team.  Improved and sustainable plant performance is the result.   Mineral processing is a composite discipline that uses physics, mathematics, chemistry, mineralogy, statistics and semiconductor theory. Quite often, due to the short supply of mineral processing graduates in the industry, chemical engineers work in the role of mineral processing, and take very quickly to this discipline with the aid of a few focussed short courses dealing with key topics that enhance relevant skill development.  We offer the following short courses for this purpose:

  • Grinding Strategy
  • Semiconductor Theory
  • Electrochemistry
  • Mineralogy for Mineral Processors
  • Flotation Fundamentals and Collector Selection
  • Sampling and Metal Accounting
  • Designed Experiments and Statistics

In 2020, because of the pandemic and its associated restrictions, Flowsheets are in a position to offer these courses on a virtual internet platform without risk of infection.  We also can develop other courses, depending on client requirements.  Let Flowsheets formulate and deliver a short course tailored to your needs….